Emergency Planning for Arizona's Energy Infrastructure

Project Objective: 
Strengthen and expand state and local government energy assurance planning and resiliency. Build in-house state and local government energy assurance expertise.

Operations/Problems Areas Addressed:

Energy Assurance Plan(EAP)Outline State response actions in the event of an energy emergency.

Energy Assurance ExercisesCoordinate with Arizona Division of Emergency Management and EA Project stakeholders to develop and conduct exercises that simulate energy emergency/disruptions.

Workforce Development Plan:Identify in-house expertise. Address hiring, retaining and training personnel.

Technology and Impact :

  • Smart Grid applications and vulnerabilities, critical infrastructure interdependencies, cyber security, energy supply systems, energy data analysis, and communications.
  • Apply current research in emergency communication electricity infrastructure, fossil fuel infrastructure, nuclear power generation, alternative energy generation
  • Provides response guidance to government and private sector stakeholders and emergency managers.
  • Ensures public safety and welfare while increasing resiliency of critical infrastructure

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Project Sponsors: 
Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA), Department of Energy (DOE), American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
Project PI and COPI: 
D. Peterson, A. Brown, G. Karady, M. Pasqualetti, K. Holbert, D. Edwards, K. Hristovski , J See
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