Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 3

MMET Degree Program Objectives

The Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology degree programs will equip graduates with:

  • The scientific, technical, analytical, statistical,
    computational and problem-solving skills necessary for mechanical and manufacturing engineering practice;
  • Team-building, leadership, communications and project management skills;
  • An understanding of the social, political and economic environment in which engineering operations function to include broad ethical considerations (i.e., work habits, safety, hazmat); and
  • The knowledge of production engineering and technology process, from design to manufacturability.

Students graduating from one of the MMET degree programs will be able to enter into a career with a solid knowledge of engineering technology practices, enabling them to make substantial contributions to their employers Engineering technology programs have been provided by ASU since the late 1960s and support ASU's goals of developing highly qualified and dynamic graduates that meaningfully contribute to their chosen fields on the local, state, national and international levels.

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